Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Y-wing starfighter

The Y-wing is one of the most durable and reliable starfighters in the galaxy, designed to excel in close combat. The W-wing's primary weapons is a pair of laser cannons and a rotating ion cannon, but it can also carry proton torpedoes, concussion missiles and proton bombs, and perfomes well as a light bomber or escort vehicle. Despite its age, the Y-wing is one of the Rebel Alliance most impressive starfighters, serving admirably at the battle of Yavin and other important conflicts. Prior to the introduction of the X-wing starfighter, Y-wings were the flagship fighters of the Alliance

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


On temperate worlds, landspeeders with open cockpits retractable duraplex windscreens are commonplace. Luke Skywalker's X-34, and other similar models, can only carry a driver and passenger  but magnetic clamps behind the seats can secure droids or small amount of cargo. Luke's trusted speeder takes him to Mos Eisley where he is forced to sell it to fund his jurney to Alderaan with Ben Kenobi.
Wheel Bike

General Grivous' reputation as a merciless military leader is fearsome, and his personal fleet of specialised killing machines and vehicles reinforces this. On cavernous Utapu, the cyborg General drives a wheel bike-a tumbling twinwheel that sorrounds a central motor. Grevous military vehicle is an offshoot of the hoop-well halifire droid,designed to roll at intimidating speeds on hard surfaces. It can also stand and walk on two pairs of legs to avoid smouldering battle wreks and other obstacles. The wheel bike is put to the test when General Kenobi, astride the Utapaun dragon Boga, purses the cyborg on a dangerous chase  through the chasms of Pau city.    
Droid Tri-Fighter

Cunning and determined, droid tri-fighters are defenders of the Separatist battle fleets. These fast, agile fighters are built to excel in dogfighting and are equipped with advanced droid brains; posing a challenge to even the best starpilots. The tri-fighter's fearsome appearance is based on the skull features of a terrifying prehistoric predator and it is equipped with the devastating Buzz Droid missile. As the Buzz Droids strike their targets, they cling to the hulls of and wreak havoc oon ship systems as well as any unfortunate astromech who happends to get in their way.  
Tantive IV

The Tantive IV belongs to the Royal House of Alderaan. After the destruction of the jedi by the Sith, the Tantive IV becomes an integral part of the Rebellion against the Empire. It is here that Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda decide the fate of the Skywalker twins, and the ship later passes into the hands of Princess Leia. She uses the ship to intercept a transmission of the technical plans of the Death Star, and th Tantive IV is captured by the Imperial star destroyer. The plans however, are safely stored inside astromech droid R2-D2.
Clone Turbo Tank
Otherwise known as an 46 juggernaut, the Clone Turbo Tank is a rolling behemoth that crushes battle droids and separatist forces. The backbone of the Clone army, the turbo tanks are integral to the of Kashyyk and under jedi maser Yoda's command, defend the wookie world. Amazingly versatile for such a mechanical beast, each of the 10 wheels has three independently spinning segments that enables it to move smoothly across the most treacherous terrain. It can also stop and turn in a tight radius, and can be fully controlled from either end.

Monday, 20 July 2009


Rugged and durable, the ARC-170 (aggressive ReConnaissance) fighter is designed to undertake the loneliest independent patrols and raids,penetrating hostile sectors. With its unbuilt hyperdrive and capacity for a droid navigator, the ship is built for days with unsopported interstellar missions, vitally extending the reach of the jedi and the Republic beyond warships and carrier-dependent fighters. The ARC-170 also has a large and affective laser cannons as well as tail guns. The roots of the X-wing fighter's design lie in the ARC-170's split wings and heavy nose.

Jedi Starfighter

Although Jedi pilots prefer to rely on their connection to the Force to avoid disputes and aggression, Jedi starfighters are amply equipped for combat. They are to small however to carry a hyperdrive and therefore rely on a circular booster craft for travel though hyperspace. The jedi pilot Eta-2 starships during the last days of the galactic Republic, an evolved version of the Delta-7 with better firepower and a folding wingtip design. This addition is later adapted for the X-wing starfighter during the Rebellion. Anakin Skywalker's displays of skill in his Eta-2 earn him a reputation as the best starpilot in the Galaxy.
Count Dooku's Solar Sailer

Commanding the Separatist assault on the Republic, Count Dooku flies from battlefield to battlefield in his Solar Sailer starship. The Sith Lord's MaganaGuards and personal speeder makes him nearly impossible to catch. . With his moveable wings, dual-firing flick missiles. Also has a bubble-like shield that makes it go faster.
The Separatist Spider droid

The Separatists unleashed this spider-like machine of destruction against the Republic during the Clone Wars. It has two fully movable disk shaped laser cannons, four fully Independent and postionable stilt legs. It tries to make the Republic extinct, by using its spider machine body.


 An intimidating armored assault vehicle, the All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE)makes its explosive debut on the battlefields of Geonosis. Specialised Republic drop ships carry the lumbering walker craft into the thick of combat, unleashing them to crawl toward enemy fortifications. Wading through the savage din of battle, the walker's six leg stability allows it to cross crevices and climb otherwise impassable slopes. Its massive turret-mounted
missile-launcher can bombard fixed emplacements or slow moving aircraft, while six
laser-cannon turrets swivel quickly to devastate faster targets. In the event of a close assault by enemy infantry, an AT-TE can dismount two squads of troops.    
Republic Gunship

 The Galactic Republic's aerial gunships play a vital role in the battle of Geonosis. These tactical transportb craft can cross rough terrain to swiftly and safely disgorge an entire platoon of clone troopers or haul a slower armoured vehicle in position. Versatile gun platforms in their own right as well, they are lighter and faster than mobile artillery, yet still carry massive twin missile launchers, two pairs of widely rotating blaster cannons and three chin and tail mounted laser cannons. This arsenal is vital for clearing a path to deploy troops and vehicles. 

Trade federation battleship

Trade freighters converted to serve as weapons of war, Trade Federation Battleships are immense, circular vehicles with a central,spherical structure. They have shields,laser cannons and can unleash hordes of Trade Federation droid starfighters. Important droid control ships are modified to broadcast a signal to the thousands of battle droids and droid starfighters in the Trade Federation's massive army. The control ship's central sphere contains confernced rooms used for trade negotiations. The rooms are specially adapted to place clients at a disadvantage using gas emitters and remote-operated"concentration deficit" chairs, which make it difficult for customers to think clearly.
Droid Starfighter

A lethal fighter produced by the Trade Federation in massive numbers for use in space and atmospheric combat, the entire 'vulture droid vehicle' vehicle is actually a complex droid receiving commands from Trade Federation contol ships.  Despite its compact size, the starfighter employs four blaster cannons and two energy torpedo launchers and during planteary occupations, the droid the droid cand transform into a walking configuration in order to patrol captured sites. When not in combat, droid starfighters hang from ceiling girders in hangzar zones of Trade Federation battleships, connected  to a high-voltage power grid  wich recharges the droids. 

Sunday, 19 July 2009


The fast,agile starfighter used in Naboo Space Fighter corps is armed with twin laser cannons and a full complement of proton torpedoes. Although a competent combat starship,the N-I is usually reserved for routine patrols and escorting the Queen's starship to other worlds. A work of art as well as an affective space vessel, the sleek yellow design and chronium nose reflect Naboo design sensibilities, and the star fighters have been significately modified to reduce emissions and protect the atmosphere of the peace loving Naboo people.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Royal Starship

The Royal Starship's chief purpose is the safe transport of Queen Amidala from Naboo to any destination throughout the galaxy. The starship is equipped with advanced sensors, communications devices, and shields.  The Royal Starship requires only a skeleton crew consisting of a pilot and co-pilot to opperate effectively. Intricate sensors built into the sarship report any damage instanly,allowing the crew to pinpoint trouble  spots and send one of eight astromech droids to make any repairs. Because Naboo are a peaceful, the starship lacks weapons of any kind.

The Podracer

Anakin Skywalker built his Podracer using reclaimed parts of Watto's junkyard. As testament to Anakin's engineering brilliance,his Podracer features a number of amazing innovations built into its compact frame;air scoops, attached to the front of each engine, increase the vehicle's manoeuvring,while multiplit air brakes allow Anakin to make a sudden stops and corner effectively. An inventive fuel atomiser and distribution system further increases the Podracer's performance. After the Boonta Eve classic,Qui Gon jinn sells Anakin's Podracer to ex-champion Sebulba who seeks a return to the top by racing in the very vehicle that beat him.