Friday, 16 April 2010

Star wars I
this episode wasn't actually the first movie. Its entitled as star wars 1 but the first movie they did was the fourth. well why didn't they just start in order. Well the reason is, at that time George Lucas didn't have enough effects to do the movie. He wanted the fights to be more exciting. He didn't want to just confuse the first star wars was when the war began. Two jedi's were planning to save naboo which was being invaded by battle droids. The two jedi's encountered with Jar Jar binks. The two jedi's had saved queen amadala from Naboo,her loyal guards and padme(one of her guards) followed along with her. they then had to stop to a planet called tatooine(a hole desert planet) for their engine was broken. The two jedi's,padme, Jar jar binks and R2-D2(a droid that saved the peoples lives in the queen's ship that they were flying in when droid ships were destroying queen amidala's ship.) they made friends with Anakin Skywalker. A little boy aproximatly 10 years old, a slave. He won a pod race and they got a new engine and Anakin was no longer a slave. Anakin was a good pilot and destroyed the droid control ship, and all the droids were broken when anakin destroyed it. Unfortunately the two jedi's fought in a battle with a powerful sith lord with a double bladed lightsaber called Darth Maul One of the jedi's was killed Qui Gon Jiin. obi won kenobi fought darth Maul and killed him. obi won promised to train the boy to become a jedi.