Monday, 22 June 2009

  1. Qui Gon's Padawain is____ _____ ________
  2. Qui Gon got killed by______ _______
  3. Obi One Promised that he was going to train______ _________
  4. Anakin was in love with _______
  5. Mace Windu,Plo Koon,Yoda... are all jedi _________
  6. Anakin made a droid was called _____
  7. Anakin was turned to the ____ ____
  8. C3-PO's favourite friend is_____
  9. When Anakin turned to the Dark side what did the Emperor call him?
  10. Anakin's son is called ____ Skywalker
  1. When Anakin turned to the dark side,his Master Had many names,what were they.
  2. Han solo's ship was called the Millenium ______
  3. Jango fett's son in the future was called ____ ____
  4. Jango fett's ship was called the _____ _
  5. How was Jango Fett killed?
  6. What ship was Luke in when he destroyed the Death Star?
  7. Who is a anphibian jedi?
  8. Who is the master of the old jedi old jedi order?
  1. Lando Calrissian's friend is called _____ ____
  2. Chewbacca's nephew is called _______
  3. Who is the padawan of Anakin in the clone wars is it or Shaak Tii or Ahsoka.
  4. Luminara's partner is _______ _____
  5. Who is the chosen one is it either:Yoda,Luke Skywalker,Anakin Skywalker or Han Solo
  6. The one who told that the shields of the Death star was Admiral ______
  7. What planet did Anakin live on?

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